Friday, March 23, 2007


I liked this movie simply because it showed the dynamics of humanity, regardless of how far apart we are, we are all fundamentally the same. The movie covers a Moroccan family, focusing on the actions of the two sons who have just learnt to use a rifle for the purposes of shooting jackal which attack their sheep; An American husband and wife touring Morocco trying to overcome a family tragedy; A South American nanny who needs to get to her sons wedding; and a Japanese father and he's deaf daughter who's finding it hard living life deaf.

All these different families, having their own problems unfurl, and all of them inextricably linked together by a single action. The dynamics of humanity are covered both intimately and explored from a larger social perspective as well.

It does contain some bad language and nudity, not for kids, but very interesting in subject matter for adults.



otowi said...

It sounds pretty interesting. I saw 21 grams by the same director and in a similar style and I found it just too dark for my taste. Not that it wasn't "good", but when I finished, I wished I hadn't seen it....

Muhammad said...

I haven't seen 21 grams, but will look out for it. This is not "dark" in any sense of the word, maybe some scenes, but overall it sort of makes you think a lot... about life and relationships and how we're all connected. I liked it. But I did feel like something was missing at the end.