Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Guardian

This movie stars Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. It is a story of Coast Guard rescue swimmers. If this movie gets it right, being a rescue is one of the most hardest, dangerous and heroic jobs of all time and place.

Kevin Costner plays arguably the greatest rescue swimmer of all time on the downside of his career, struggling with recent tragedy. He gets sent to teach recruits for awhile to get him out of the water. In Ashton Kutcher's character, he finds someone much like himself, someone with the potential to carry the torch.

At the end of the movie, some choices are made and you can decide for yourself if Ashton's character carried the torch the way Kevin's wanted to but couldn't. And you'll be left with respect and awe for rescue swimmers.

This movie promotes the ideal of saving lives and at times while watching it I was reminded of the Islamic teaching that saving a life is like saving all of humanity.....