Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 in Review

The 2009 movies we saw:

The Favorites

Where the Wild Things Are
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
(500) Days of Summer
State of Play
17 Again
Star Trek
The Proposal
I Love You, Man
Race to Witch Mountain
New in Town
Gran Torino
Imagine That

Average Rating

Sherlock Holmes
Everybody's Fine
The Blind Side
Disney's A Christmas Carol
The Men Who Stare at Goats
Whip It
The Invention of Lying
Julie & Julia
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
All About Steve
Love Happens
Angels and Demons
Fast and Furious
Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Hotel for Dogs
It's Complicated

Less than Average
The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Pink Panther 2

Didn't Like That Much

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra
The Informant!
Land of the Lost
The Ugly Truth
Made of Honor
Monsters vs. Aliens
He's Just Not That Into You

My Choices for Best (Favorite) and Worst (Least Favorite) of 2009:

Best: State of Play, Where the Wild Things Are, Star Trek

Worst: Made of Honor


liberal fundo said...

ooh i wanted to see both Invictus and Where the Wild Things Are. Why were they favorites for you?

otowi said...

Invictus - good, heartwarming story and a history lesson to boot. Good acting, too.

Where the Wild Things Are - loved the book as a kid - this stays very true to the spirit of the book and is very imaginative - kind of like a dream. NOT light-hearted or very funny though, so don't be expecting that.

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