Thursday, May 10, 2007

Alpha Dog

This movie is split down the middle in terms of critical reviews but I really liked it.  Firstly, the story is true and dramatised a bit, but it shows the mindset of "kids" today.  I say this because of the current culture of instant gratification and getting things NOW and getting a lot of it.  What I kept needing to remind myself during the movie was that these guys were acting all big and mob-like, but they were just kids.

The movie does tend to get a tense toward the end, and I mean really tense if you get involved in it.  But the point is made clearly as to where the mindset and the lifestyle may lead, and people can screw up the rest of their lives even if this movie portrays only one example and consequence of it.  If you see the movie at the ned you can think of a million other things that could go wrong just from the lifestyle these kids lead.

It is definitely not for kids, but the message is important especially for the 16-30 year old crowd.  It is one of the important stories to tell of how modern culture can poison a society.



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Michael said...

Great review, one I haven't seen yet I keep meaning top get but not sure if wife would like it.