Monday, January 08, 2007

The Departed

I've always loved Scorses flicks and why he still hasn't won an Oscar is beyond me, I wouldn't put it passed petty politics though.

The movie plays out in typical Scorsese style, but this time it's Boston, not his native New York where he bases most of this work. The movie is SO Gangster... and it has all the usual elements, love, betrayal, confrontation, deception all beautifully put together like an orchestral masterpiece and so reminiscent of a Shakesperean tragedy.

The acting is superb, all the players: Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon, work extremely well together as well as on their own. The direction is a brilliant mix of old and new, making it typically Scorsese but very refreshing, very different.

The movie isn't anything you would expect. The learnings however are interesting because the story line mostly revolves around deception and infiltration of the good guys by the bad guys and vice versa. Inevitably the entanglement and complex nature of all the characters makes you sometimes root for the bad guy and sometimes question the good guys... All in all it leaves you questioning around the nature of loyalty and how far a person would go to keep their loyalty to someone else.

It's something definitlely adult, not in the sense of nudity, but in the nature of the story, the violence, the language and the subject matter at hand. You have to note that all these elements, however, are only there to reflect the reality of the context the movie is set in.

Utter Brilliance.



otowi said...

I did see this movie. I kind of liked it, it was kind of cool - but I didn't love it - two main things I personally didn't like is the constant foul language and I thought the ending was kind of dumb even though it was the only way it could've ended....

Thanks for posting!!!

purvis said...

Did you know that this movie is based on a Hong Kong flick called "Infernal Affairs?" It is great, but Departed is better, IMO. Check out this one dude who got mad at me for saying so.

(scroll down to the comments)

This guy's blog is actually pretty funny, though. Even though he was kind of a turd towards me.

otowi said...

I had heard that, but haven't see the original nor realized there was any controversy over the remake - as says "The Korean". It is kind of funny he refers to himself in the third person all the time. :)