Thursday, September 14, 2006


Watching this, it is clear that Penelope Cruz has been completely wasted by Hollywood.

Her Hollywood career may be a clutch of dull flops, yet in this she is incandescent, her character utterly believable and involving

The basic plot of Volver is two sisters dealing with the death of their mother, but of course, this being an Almodavar film, subjects such as murder, incest and adultery are also featured.

The beauty of Almodovar is that such issues are handled without ever being sensationalised. More then this, his protagonists have a realness to them, they feel like people you've met. Wonderful.


Anonymous said...

nice blog upated movies and stuff
but u never get too deep in the movies or discuss the plot or talk about ur opinion in cinematoghraphy
u give a brief recommendation abiut the movie without exploring it's depth
is it coz u want ppl to explore themselves maybe
i have one more question why is the blog's name movie reviews by muslims
it gave me an impression be4 checking the blog that ull be discussing religious movies or at least ull be dicussing any movie with some religious prespective or even may be moral i guess but after reading that was not the case
keep up the good work

Safiya said...

Dear Anonymous,
I hate film reviews which leave you feeling like you don't have to see the film now as the review has given the whole plot away.
That's why my reviews are very short and give just a taste of the film.

As for the title, we just happen to be Muslims who review films. Sometimes Islam is relevant to the plot and we will comment on it, other times not.

hamesha: said...

I just read an article about this movie and the Almodovar-Cruz duo. I can't wait to watch it. I am especially intrigued by how the director un-does the damage done to Cruz by years of Hollywood.